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Originally Posted by fijigabe0 View Post
There's a reason why the HEMI is on the list. from the old engine, they were able to squeeze another 30hp out of it, while still making it liveable. additionally, Chrysler was able to engineer variable valve timing to the engine. yeah, an OHV engine with Variable Valve Timing AND cylinder deactivation. who cares that it only has two valves? does it get the job done? yeah, it does.

in the Challenger, at least, this combo is good enough for 375hp, 16mpg city/25mpg highway. and pretty decent handling, given the IRS taken from the E-Class.
How is anything u listed a marvel of modern engineering? Cylinder deactivation is not something hard to incorporate into an engine. OHV engines have nearly become extinct for a reason...

The ///M V10 and V8 are marvels of modern engineering. The ///M V10 has a 12:1 Compression ratio (WOW), 100hp/L (all NA), 8250rpm Redline (an OHV engine, could only dream to rev this high), double vanos, individual throttle bodies/cylinder, I could go on for days.

As for only being for cars under $54K then thats just useless. Making high technology, highly advanced engines costs money, hence you see the list of garbage that made the list on wards.
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