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Bilstein B6/B8 Struts/Shocks for XI!!!!

This all started once flukey called Billstein NA to see if they sell the B6/B8 series for XI owners in North America. Unfortunately, they dont YET and apparently stated they will by years end, or perhaps next year some time.

Since I've heard these types of rumors before (regarding other parts) on products that never saw the light of day I decided to pursue a european vendor who would be willing to sell/ship them overseas to the US.

I did a search on Bilstein's website for the exact model numbers for the front/rear of the B8 and found a vendor in the UK.

Balance Motorsports

I sent them an Email asking them if they could provide a set front/rear to the US and how much they'd charge. I got a response this morning.

thank you for your enquiry,
we usually only sell in Europe, however seeing as you are a bit stuck with this one we are happy to help - please see quote below
shipping would cost 111
Description Part No Price Qty Amount

BE5-C042 - Bilstein Monotube Damper BE5-C042 88.24 2 176.48

VE3-E247 - Bilstein Monotube Damper VE3-E247 152.53 1 152.53

VE3-E248 - Bilstein Monotube Damper VE3-E248 152.53 1 152.53

Subtotal 481.54
Export Surcharge 5%


Total 616.54

Doing the math, it would be roughly $900 USD for a set which isnt bad IMHO. Alot less than running KW V3s and also alot easier to install as its plug n play.

Now the only question is 'are they legit' to do business with??

What does everybody think??