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The BSW Stage 1 for my E90 L7 *and* the Uf110 Sub have arrived tonight! These won't be installed until I get my car, but I wanted to share some pics with the community... so all my opinions are here just by looking at the package alone.

These were delivered by FedEx as you see above...

...And inside the well packaged boxes all the smaller boxes containing the "goods" are revealed.

Note the packaging... for anyone concerned about their product making a safe delivery - don't worry about it. Everything was packed really well!

Good to have the new sub protected!

Here is all of the contents, Stage 1, tool set, and the sub/amp plus the installation kit for the sub.

A close-up of the terminals on the sub - very nice quality!

Looks nice! - almost a shame to hide it away where no-one can see.

Now I don't have my car yet to test the fit, but you can see the detail and work that went into creating this enclosure. Very nice craftsmenship! The whole package is lighter than it looks, although seems to be very solid.

Fosgate amp - I've never owned one (always went JL) but this amp gets good reviews. It's nice to see a quality amp paired up with the custom sub...

Tweeters - I like the fact that these are plug and play. Minimal crimping etc = good.

These seem to be very well built.

Rear Tweets - same as fronts I believe... with the added bracket.

...And another pic.

I'm not sure of the material they are using for the cones here, but it looks very durable. Rubber material used on the surround, i'm guessing the stock L7 is cotton. The magnets are covered with a rubber ring, I presume this is here for a reason...

More connectors - plug and play also = good.

Close up of the mid-range...

Everything about these seems tailored to the car, which is nice. I suppose BSW could have sold speakers and then have us screw around with getting them to fit just right.... I'm guessing these pop in really easy.

One more pic - I see why people who have installed this system say it's easy. I love the OEM connectors.

This is all for the subwoofer - one thing I do like is knowing that all the stuff I need for the install is here... no wondering if I got the right this or that.... no guess work.

Wiring for the sub -

And that's it! For your viewing pleasure... and bandwidth consumption! I can hardly wait to hear the system! My dealer says my car will be here by the waiting continues!