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Originally Posted by Mark House View Post
Hey Halston,
I ordered the L7 stage one upgrade and it's "back ordered". Any idea when they will ship?

Thanks, Mark
A pallet is en route. Should be any day!

Originally Posted by s.myrr View Post
As I wait for my Stage 1 and sub to arrive - I am thinking about doing a dynamat (or similar product) installation as well, especially since the door panels are coming off anyways.

Does anyone have any experience doing this to an e90? Are there any trouble spots that I should focus on? Is this even worth it?

Thanks in advance!

*edit* woops they have arrived! Pics coming!
Thanks for that big picture review before posting! I am sorry about FedEx. Everyone just beats the packaging it is really sad!

Let us know how the install and resulting sound quality turn out. You are going to be jamming out soon!

I replied to your email about the sound deadening. If you want to go all out you want as close to 100% coverage as possible on all the door panels. Some even put filler/foam into the door shells themselves, fill panels with foam. You can really go crazy! We just deaden up the doors when we do installs here.


From that terminal shot and the resulting bokeh it appears you are shooting with a dSLR. Spill the beans... Body? Lens? Details! Fellow Photog here