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Got my car. No noise so far (nock on wood).

Here is a copy from sevice paper and parts list:

Removed valve cover and removed exhaust CAM to check for unusual wear. None found. Created PUMA case and they advised replacement of exhaust rockers and hydro push rods. Replaced components. Reassembled engine and test drove. Vehicle is still ticking. Replied to PUMA and was advised to replace push rods, rockers and levers. Removed intake cam and checked bearing surfaces, all OK. Replaced intake side push rod lifters, rockers and intermediate levers with blocks. Timed engine and reassemble. Test drove vehicle, ticking noise is no longer present. Calibrated valvetronic end stops and cleared faults, vehicle OK. Puma also recommended oil change. Performed oil and filter change.

1 11-12-0-409-288 set of alum screws
1 11-12-7-536-785 gasket
2 11-36-7-524-954 collar screw
12 11-33-7-548-690 push rod
12 11-33-7-559-797 drag lever
1 PK327
1 11-42-7-566-327 filter element
7 07-51-0-017-866 oil 5w30 synth
2 11-36-7-524-954 collar screw
12 11-37-7-537-781 intermediate lever
12 11-33-7-559-794 drag lever
12 11-33-7-548-690 push rod
6 11-37-7-515-922 support
1 11-12-7-536-785 gasket
1 11-12-0-409-288 set of alum. Screws
1 11-12-7-536-785 gasket
1 11-12-0-409-288 set of alum. screws

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