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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
marvin is done...not taking away from his accomplishments or anything, but you just gotta put the old horses out to pasture sometimes. housh won't stay in cincy either, who would want to. i don't know if indy is an awesome fit for him, but $$ changes everything. i bet housh will want a more centered role, him being the 1st receiver (as he should be). reggie wayne will be indy's #1 receiver. we'll see what happens, there's a lot of teams in need of a good receiver. brett favre could use one although if housh went to indy, that would make things interesting.
Shit..I would love it...he plays hard and makes the tough catches over the middle. I think Housh would stay if the money is right but I dont think the Bungles appreciate him as much as the rest of the league. He is a beast!

Let me say this...if "God forbid", there is no salary cap...we will be looking at a probowl, I mean powerhouse Cowboy team winning everything all the time. Even being a Cowboys fan, I'm sure you wouldn't want that! Would you?