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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
For sensitivity, capabilities and functionality --> V1 is the best. I never thought that the Arrows would be such a big deal, until I bought the V1 and realized that ALL radar detectors should have the invaluable feature, imho.

For looks and 'almost as good' functionality (not nearly as sensitive as the V1 though) --> Escort Passport

A couple notes though...

1) Anyone who says the V1 is "too sensitive" or gives too many false need to go into the hidden user menu and change some settings like turn off X band and limit the signal alerts for K band, etc. The V1 Web site shows you how to get into this menu and how to easily change the settings...they use the arrows to work like toggle switches.

2) The one thing I think that sucks about the V1 is the fact that it doesn't specifically say "K," "Ka" or "Laser" like the Passport. A tiny led light next to the white printed symbol (K, Ka, or Laser) doesn't cut it and you cannot see that writing on the V1 unit (K, Ka, or Laser) at's not light up. Just stupid, imho; they could have easily had the symbol light up so you can visually see it day or night; i.e why not show the alert in bright red LED saying "Ka" alert or "Laser" alert?
I did lock out X band. But I didn't want to lock out K band. Many cops in California still use K band. Both radar has their own pros and cons. Depends what you are looking for. Since I do 50 city/ 50 highway. I can't stand the false. 9500i will suit you better than v1 if you do more city than highway. And the 9500 display looks better. Especially the blue display.

By the way, cops here in California lately been using laser. And the cops are very smart. They will only shoot you with their laser gun when they "THINK" you are going above speed limit. So any radar detector will not save you. Good luck with that.