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i've did some calculation and i am basically making some break down on the number just in case if anyone think the price is too high.

I got the calculation base on the following info:

$589.00 USD + $300 USD shipping to canada. Total of $889 in USD + duty tax

after exchange rate conversion of 1.3, that equals out to $1155.7 before duty tax

if we are to order it from my part out deal, i am basically making it $1050 + local tax.

Same with side skirt:
it's $255 USD + 50 USD for shipping + duty tax
that equals out to $305 USD. with conversion of 1.3, this means the piece cost $396.5 CAD + duty tax

by going thru the part out deal, you are only paying $300 + local tax

keep in mind tho these are directly order from vendor, they are not second hand by any mean.

please let me know what you guys think, any input is welcomed~!
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