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The key for any electric car from GM, Toyota, etc. is the battery.

The Prius currently uses the battery for drive offs and then the engine kicks in. The volt will do the opposite by running soley on the battery and the engine will keep the battery charged as needed.

No one has a technology developed that will allow this to happen.

What is really concerning is that GM spent 800 mil on the volt. I don't get it.

The reality is everyone cannot drive all electric cars. There is simply not enough natural resources to produce all the batteries. We need a new technology that does not rely on Lithium or Nickel.

I bet a dollar to a doughnut, the Prius will sell fine at $23k, and the volt will sell very few at $45k.

Those that can afford a $40-$50k car don't car much about fuel costs, and those that by a $23k car do.
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