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Originally Posted by 218dhb View Post
Thats exactly what put the big three in the place they are now, making gas galling suv's their bread and butter for so long. what started engraving their tombstone was the gas prices of last year (which will be higher this summer) cause people finally realized what stupid short sighted decision they made to go out and buy a 8mpg Excursion to pick up the kids or a gallon of milk at the store. Americans kept buying the big three and very few demanded a better quality product or more mpg. one good example of GM buyers who demanded better are the people of the Corvette market, which GM had no choice but to respond with a better made product.

also you all must remember a large part of the big Three customers don't have the money or the credit to go out and buy a BMW like you do. so they fall for the incentives and interest rates cause to them thats more important then demanding quality or mpg.

Americans are to blame for the place of the big three, why would you change your money maker if it sells and your customers don't ask for anything more?

Ford and GM could easily show up any company if they wanted to, but again why would they want to when their customers are buying the junk thats on the dealers lot now? all you have to do is throw a few grand back and give them "employee pricing"...americans love it!
Good points. But at 45K the Volt will be an extremely tough sell.