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I've had enough of the snow for the season after last night. I got stuck on the ramp leading to the Arthur Lang bridge from the South Terminal area because of the black ice. No amount of traction control can save you from that. It was actually kind of messed up how I'd stop, and then when I let go of the brakes slowly and without even touching the gas yet I started sliding sideways again.

I eventually managed to get the car pulled off to the side of the road and after five hours, seeing a lot of people make a go at getting up to the bridge and slip-sliding away and some hitting the barriers or other stuck cars, the plows got through. I waited for some more runs of the plows before making a go at it and I finally got home after six hours.

Some moron in a 6 series with big (21"?) Hamann looking wheels kept trying to make a go at it. He'd get stuck, reverse all the way back a block or two and try again, all the while sliding away. I would have killed this guy if he hit my car. Eventually his passenger was pushing the car and he got the point where all the other cars were stuck at the foot of the bridge. WTF, was his passenger going to push the car all the way to the other side of the bridge?

When I got home, I couldn't get into the parking garage because some guy had rammed his car into the gate due to the steep ramp leading down into the garage.

All around a terrible day.

I'm now at work in my M5 which seems to do better in the snow.

(That's Mazda 5 )
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