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Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
Good points. But at 45K the Volt will be an extremely tough sell.
now in this market to general Chevy customers yes, but even rite now i think lot's of people would buy on principle to get away far from Gas as they could (either know its not 100% get away but still something better then what is out now). if the Volt would be released in the summer with the gas prices going nuts like they did last year then i think it would be an easy sell, lots of Prius owners have way more then enough money but buy anyway..i think Americans will support the Volt enough at first just because of what it is.

I would be in line if someone would come out with something away from Gas, together with solar panels on the Garage and tax breaks for those who install them your pretty much not paying a dime to power the theory of course.. I was seriously considering a ZENN and still looking but the only thing that held me back was the top speed of 35MPH, if the top speed was 60MPH would easily have one as my daily driver and the Volt makes a ZENN look like a golfcart at that..

GM had the EV1 out and look how many other companies that followed rite afterwards with their EV's and promises of something close to the EV1, Owners loved the product even. Fact is when GM actually makes a move as a leader other companies follow fast, to bad they don't do it all that often..