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Originally Posted by sixspeedsam
Glad you had a great time out there I told you it was a blast! And I'm jealous you got in so many runs! I only got in seven yesterday Next thing you know you'll be getting new tires, springs, etc!

Make sure next time to shift into second ... you should be able to hit second right in the beginning during the slalom. Staying in first probably will bump you up on the limiter I'm not sure if we ran the same course or not ... I think my best time was 43.xx? I'm sure results will be posted soon so I can see.

BTW, you did turn of traction control didn't you?

I took a few random pics...

Beginning of the day, testing the course. Capital Driving Club is also part of the Triumph club.

Euros representing. Yes, one GTI and one Merc, and me. Everyone else was imports and domestics

One of the fastest Hondas (and cars) I've ever seen. Turbo Civic that hung with the Z06 all day. I can't remember if he or the Z06 got the FTD.

Several STI's and WRX were present...
WTF?! 43?!?! Did you do the rest of the course in 2nd, after you shifted in the slalom? I was wondering why I couldn't get lower than a 47.