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Originally Posted by KL2DC
Sam, Shim ... great pics. Looks like an awesome time!

I'm sold. Please let me know the next time you will be going

I presume at the very basic a certified helmet is required. What are the other requirements...

How did your tires hold up after 7-10 runs?
Believe the next one is the 5th in Manassas - but I'll be out on the Chespeake charter fishing that day with buddies of mine.

I'll probably end up going to the one in September that is gonna be at the same lot. The one in Bowie MD is a haul to get out to for me... but if a bunch of folks go, I'll probably be game

As for what you need, having your own SNELL rated helmet would be good, although I think they have loaners. Also, it's $35 for non members. And remember all the basic things, like chair, snacks, sunblock, hat, etc. Not much shade in a parking lot, and you're waiting around a lot under the sun.