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Originally Posted by shimshimhada
They had like 15 helmets there, plenty enough. I'm kind of sad that you beat me by like four seconds. We'll go head to head next time we're at the same one.
I just finished watching your 49 second run ... umm, slow!

It was the same course I ran, with the figure 8 and the middle gate.

You could probably gain a few seconds just by shifting into second and staying there after the slalom. My guess is that when you were driving, you didn't feel like you were really pushing the car, right? Did you ever push the rear end out in any of your runs or lose control for a bit? Did the ABS kick in when you braked?

You should push your car past the limit once or twice to get a feel for what it's like ... it'll give you a better idea of how close you can push the car next time. Plus, it's always fun once and while to do a short sideways drift lol