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Thanks for the invite Viv - unfortunately on my honeymoon that time, yes poor schmuck is tying the knot!!!!
Looks very very likely that I will be unable to make the event - next time!

As for the voice dial feature on the handsfree carkit, personally I hate it, voice of a dalek and not 100% accurate either.
Not the best on the market I think, shame rest of the system is pretty user friendly though.

Oh PS - the Orange SPV M600 camera is crap, probably the worst I have ever used on a phone, unless you have an ultra steady hand the pictures always come out blurry from shake. Hey can't have everything, other then that the phone is pretty cool.
And look at it this way - on your travels, only one USB charger cable is needed, no more, phone, PDA, IPOD chargers...........should be useful for the honeymoon, pretty sure the wife to be has used up all my luggage space