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Originally Posted by Rtran View Post
after one year of having an xbox 360 I have no complaints except for the loud fan noise which is usually covered up by turning up the volume. Anyways I didn't think I would get this because I got the newer version with HDMI output. Well I got it anyways now I am really close to switching to a PS3 except that I enjoy the 360 controller a lot better. What do you think?
I got the red ring about a year ago. I opened it up and even took off the sticker thing. When I sent it in, I put a hand-written letter in the shipping box, saying I had a younger relative who liked the sticker because it was shiny and took it off. About 2 months later, I got a brand new console in the mail.

As the HDMI thing goes, when you use 1080p, it looks distorted because it isn't native 1080p. I just use it in the 1080i setup wit monster cable.

EDIT: Nevermind about the native HDMI thing. You can download an update on the Xbox LIVE marketplace so it still looks on par with a PS3 at its best.
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