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Thanks to the excellent posts on this forum and E90Post I was able to install the rear power outlets in my 2009 M3 E90. After completing the install, the two outlets worked, and the temperature control and air volume controls (this is an E90) also worked fine.

I did have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer. In addition to the wire assembly going to the A/C unit in the rear that is mentioned in the various installs, there was also a two-wire cable assembly going to a black flat panel, about 1.5 inches by 6 inches, that was clipped on the back of the ashtray assembly. I could not figure out what those wires connect to; they don't appear to be for an LED or light for the ashtray. The panel feels like it has some metal in it (covered in plastic). Could be an antenna of some kind, or something new added to the '09 LCI models (I have the technology, convenience packages)? I marked up a photo by one of the original posters to show where this panel was located. None of the other installations for the rear power sockets mention this wire (the only one mentioned is the going to the A/C unit).

I'm assuming that the cables running to the A/C unit modulate the temp of the air coming from the vent? Are they also supposed to provide power to light up the red/blue symbols for the A/C vent? Since I have not sat in the back of the car very much, I wasn't sure whether the controls for the temp and air volume for the rear console are supposed to light up, as they do in the dash and it wasn't something I noticed before I did the installation. If someone has a chance to check their rear console to see if it lights up (photo with the areas that I'm asking about attached), please let me know.

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