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Originally Posted by ta
Well, the dealership just pissed me off, telling me that the ticking noise is normal for the 3-series. Keep in mind they did not listen to it while the engine was cold. :mad:

Now I am questioning myself and I am having a hard time telling the difference to the specific type of ticking that I am hearing. I am not sure if it is a "metallic tick" vs. the normal ticking that I hear all of the time when the engine is running. I have listened to the audio clip that MSINFO US recorded and that definitely had a metallic sound to it.

How did you guys determine that you had a problem vs. the "everyday" ticking sound that the engine makes? And does the engine suppose to make a constant ticking sound?
I can only speak for myself. After repare there is no ticking sound of any kind (nock on wood).

To prove to BMW ticking noise is not normal I recorded the ticking sound (one of the wave tracks is attached here). I also created a very detailed document with history on when, under what condition and how long for every instance of ticking sound accured. I printed copy of this thread along with PUMA (parts and history) info and gave it all to BMW service manager. If you can replicate ticking sound at BMW center I'd recommend to call service manager so they can hear it. If they say it is normal ask for another car to be brought in and compare -- it should become immediatly apparent that ticking noise is not normal. Hope this helps. GL