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Originally Posted by cmark View Post
Ventured out today in the xi (with stock sport tires) and let's just say that I'm in the market for some Blizzaks.

I was on a small decline and couldn't stop at all - almost ran into a truck in front of me. The only thing I could do was let go of the brakes and turn to the left of it. I'm sure if the dude was looking his rear view mirror that he thought I was going to hit him. No fun.
I recently moved here from Ohio and have a set of 17" Dunlop D3 snows which I put on at Thanksgiving. Glad I decided to put them on. The 18" summer brdigestones would have been dangerous.

As for the comment from the guy from Indy, I drove from Chicago to Cincinnati through Indy 2 years ago and we drove all the way around the outer belt of Indy in a snow storm and saw ONE plow out with the blade up and NOT throwing salt. The roads were horrendous. I was astounded by how bad it was even compared to Cincinnati which is usually pretty piss poor during the snow, but after being in Seattle, I can appreciate how much they actually do.

Hope everyone stays safe.

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