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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
Drove past the Discount Tire on Bel-Red earlier today and they looked busier than a one-legged man in an asskicking contest! People probably trying to buy snow tires, chains, or whatever might give them more traction in the snow.

The E90 has been sitting in the driveway all week. I started it the other day to hear the duals and let it heat up a little. The Durango has been kicking butt in the snow though. I was surprised lines at the gas stations weren't longer.

I was down to about 3/8ths of tank in the Durango and decided to fill it up. Had I been able to put in 87 (button was broken), I would have paid $1.399 per gallon! Wow, never did I think I'd see gas this cheap again.

About the only thing I wish I had now was a generator. Been meaning to get one for the camper, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Maybe someday....
Yeah, well, they are talking about lowering global oil output (i'm assuming to increase demand in turn) which might get the prices back up again.