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Anyone else feel like the drivers have gotten better lately? I haven't seen anybody spin out in front of my house anymore. It's like natural selection has taken place over the last few days.

Originally Posted by scollins View Post
Drove past the Discount Tire on Bel-Red earlier today and they looked busier than a one-legged man in an asskicking contest! People probably trying to buy snow tires, chains, or whatever might give them more traction in the snow.
Yesterday I was at the QFC on Rainier (@McClellan) and saw the Shucks across the street, so I popped in to see if they had any chains that might fit the Subaru. They had literally just received a shipment moments before I walked in, so I figured, heck, I'll buy some. Within moments, 50 people came to the store and got in line with me -- they had apparently been calling constantly and the store just told them to come in before they ran out. Total mad house.

The WRX seems to work fine on snow and ice and I probably didn't need the chains. But I didn't want to wind up like these guys (I enjoyed this video, thought you might):

Drivers attempt to climb slick Portland hill