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run on cables

Originally Posted by E91AWD View Post
I know I don't live in western Washington, but Portland is close. I live south of the city in the hills at about 700 feet. It can be raining downtown and snowing at my house. What makes it worse is that they do not sand or plow my hilly neighborhood. I bought a set of 161 take offs this summer and put my 156 All Seasons for the winter. After a few days I decided that it was time to dump the AS tires. I'm going to be skiing this winter so it is worth getting a set of winter shoes. I also look forward to improved ice handling which is typically a bigger problem in the Portland area. As we all know X Drive improves snow traction and handling, but doesn't do sh*t for stopping. A delivery truck was stuck sideways across one of the roads down from the hill for 3 days. Bizzaks go on tomorrow. The local Firestone dealer is matching Tire Rack's price.
hi E91AWD, I'm from PDX, too. Currently my car has snow cables on, but I had hard time to put them on and off the car. So I decide to buy a set of snow tires, Can you tell me where the Firestone dealer sell the tires matching TireRack's price, please? If you have their phone number, that be great!