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Porsche 997 GT3 Calipers + Custom Caliper brackets???

So, i've been looking into a BBK and I was wondering.. are all the Caliper mounting holes the same? Or do all calipers have different mounting points? For example.. a Porsche Brembo caliper for a 380mm rotor, Does that mean that the mounting holes (where the bracket goes) the same height for a 380mm Alcon caliper? Because im looking to get a machine shop manufacture a custom bracket for my E90, i want to be able to sell this bracket so that anyone with a spare set of Brembo or BBK calipers can mount them on their cars. Of course you will need different rotors which u can do from any BBK manufacturer. Also, does the width of the mounting holes, on the caliper, differ with EACH BBK caliper?

Im pretty sure there are different mounting points, but does that mean all calipers are different? interms of the bracket? Are all 380mm rotor BREMBO calipers different? or are the mounting points the same so you can use the same adapter bracket for MOST the Brembo calipers? (assuming they're from the same diameter rotor)

I am aware that some calipers have a side mounting point and some calipers have a top mounting point.. Most of the BBK i've seen use the Top mounting points, but does that mean it'd be easier to use a Porsche caliper with a side mounthing point? Any info would be appreciated
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