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Originally Posted by pdjafari View Post
I've always thought the biggest problem in trying to save money buy putting together your own parts are that

1) brake bias, they vary from car to car, specific brakes are made for specific cars. IE evo calipers wont work on a 335, nor will they work for a honda civic

2) weight, cars weigh differently, therefore is it possible weight can have an impact on how brakes are engineered?

Afterall these are brakes we're talking about, a hack job wont cut it as it can be very dangerous. Although I understand people skimping on fake body mods and wheels, this one I'd be much more apprehensive about...

Brake bias? okay, i guess no one should invest in a BBK because its not factory spec and will cause brake bias. Of course weight has an impact on a car's brake system. The heavier the car, Or the more energy the car has while in movement the bigger the brakes needed to slow and stop it. Okay, so if our car is lighter and we have the same brakes as a heavier car, our car will stop faster. (assuming u have better tires also)

Brakes are customizable just like any other engine part, you have a variety of brake rotor sizes and different manufacturer with different caliper setups. Its only dangerous if you dont do it right. but If you think about it, all the race cars use custom made parts, not that factory spec stuff