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Those factory brembo brakes you see on EVOs, STi, 350z, CTS-V's use off-the-shelf calipers with very little customization for each car. If you size your parts properly, you won't have any problem with brake bias. And even then, you can adjust bias with different pad compounds (or rotor sizes) to fine tune braking performance. Or you can install a brake bias adjuster (but that is a bit more work).

I've got some wilwood 4 pot calipers and brackets to fit onto my honda. I drove the same setup on another car (same as mine) and the braking improvement was huge. I could get the caliper model and some dimensions on the mounting holes if you were interested. Though these calipers might be a bit small for a 3,000+ lbs car (my honda is less than 2,200 lbs).