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today then

Not a lot happened this morning.

Went to Scothall as agreeed, all very polite and amiable. Big cheese technical bod from Bracknall and Scothall service manager re-tested wheels in front of me - doing run out tests again. On the point of testing wheels which have already cracked, I didnt get an answer that a layman would understand, however I should now expect customers services to get back in touch whatever that means. The only new information was that one of the wheels had been cracked for a substantial time period because there was evidence of corosion in the crack.

As for the Defence, a very predictable set of denials has been submitted courtesy of thier 'Senior Legal Counsel' which I will post for all to see when my efforts are concluded. Time for me to take further advice.

In an effort to avoid my laptop for as long as possible over the festive period I'll only update when something happens, thanks agian all for the support, ideas and opinions, so happy xmas for now, over and out