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Originally Posted by TopDown View Post
No Z4sDrive35i (is BMW planning to charge by the character)?
My God, that sounds awful. I'm praying that the sDrive badges don't make it to the 3-series.

Anyway, in terms of pricing, BMW are pulling it off. I could have gotten a CTS or a G37 for about $8000 less than the price I negotiated on my e92 335i. Could have gotten an A4 or an A5 for a couple thousand less as well. But the 335 still sold itself. The G37 competes with the 335 on paper, but in real life, I liked the 335 coupe better in just about every aspect, including exterior lines, interior quality, practicality as a daily driver and, of course, driving dynamics (I do prefer the g37 sedan's lines to the e90). Don't get me wrong, it's a great car, but it's not a 335, and I cannot help but think that, if I were to get the G37 (or the CTS for that matter), the little voice in my head would be telling me incessantly that I could have had a 335i. The C350 seems like a pretty great car, but it really doesn't compete with the 335 performance-wise.

I really don't think there's another car out there now that competes with the 335 in terms of performance and premium features at a similar price point. If the S5 were a few thousand cheaper and I didn't have to wait 6+ months for one, I'd have a serious dilemma on my hands. But, considering that it would cost me an extra $8-9000 over what I've agreed to pay for my e92, that the chances of negotiating below MSRP are virtually nil, and that there aren't any financing offers from Audi on that particular model, the e92 is still a relative bargain despite the price increase from the '08 to the '09 model year, and the extra $200 BMWNA are tacking on next month. I'd still have to pay another $300+ every month to own a similarly-equipped S5.

In a nutshell, it's good business by BMWNA. Hell, I'm still buying one.