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Originally Posted by 320what View Post
surprised its not 5%. their margins in US are tanking.

I guess the ground is not BURNING under them YET. It\s mostly big 3 that are having deals anyway, plus toyota/honda. Germans would not start diluting their brands by giving cars away. You guys get BMWs in US at like 25 or 50% off from what some of us pay in Europe to begin with. So stop whining. You want deals - get a chrysler!
Its not the $300 increase that some of us are annoyed about (well maybe its just me). But the fact remains they already raised their 09 prices in October by a conciderable amount. My car today would be almost 3K more. And then 3 month later they raise it again with energy prices falling through the floor, the euro losing ground, and their november sales falling. Im just a little lost here.