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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
Great review of your mods big fella. I have to say i think the way you have gone about modifying your car is probably the most methodical and thorough ive ever witnessed. You know im a huge fan of both you and your motor, you because of your true indepth and personal knowledge of your car and the mods you have done and your motor because it really is a sheep in wolfs clothing!! Finally, i can also vouch for just how bloody quick your car is as i had the pleasure of driving in it only a few days ago but also had the "displeasure" of having you wedged up my new Porker tailpipes at 170mph around the M25 when we collected my 997 C2S the very same day!!
Hope you had a great Xmas and i look forward to more motoring shananigans with you and the crew in 2009!!!!

We didn't do 170mph!!!! Take 100mph off that and you'd be about right... sheesh...!
That Merc driver on the other hand... ohmygod what a KNOB...!

Lovely C2S by the way