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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Funny, in this economy they raise the price of the 335i's by $825 but then offer .9% financing and lease rates to get more sales.
Seems kind of retarded to me. Holding the price for 2009 would of seemed much more desirable and would of given people even more reason to consider getting a 2009.
As with pretty much everything in this economy, prices need to stay the same or go DOWN to increase sales, not up.
I can see why raising the 2009 prices were beneficial. There were lots of 2008 models left which needed to be sold. So raise 2009 prices to make 2008 prices much more attractive. Very good stratedy IMO. Hey Hassel BMW is leasing a 2008 M3 convertable for 770 a month with no money down except upfront fees like tax, first payment, bank fee and motorvehicle fees. Lease is for 36 months. Another M3 vert for $850 a month.