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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
The sport package on the XI has nothing to do with suspension, unlike the I which does. The XI sits considerably higher than an I with sports package. The XI also has a much wobblier suspension (poor rebound, dampening and roll) as compared to an I (non or sport).

As an aside, the XI sits about 1 3/4" (R) and 2" (F) higher than an I with sport package. There should be more detailed info available if you search the forum but other SUV based XI owners can attest to that

The upside to the XI is if you live in snow country it is worth its weight in gold. The balance and traction control in conjunction with snow tires make this car an excellent choice for snow dwellers. I wont go back to 2 wheel drive again.

There seems to be a condescending attitude to this post. Surprising considering the praise for the capabilities at the end. If you believe that there could be some differences in the handling of an all-wheel drive, non-sports suspension 3 to the sports suspension, then I would certainly agree. But wobblier? Poor rebound, dampening and roll? Even compared to non-sport? Come on now! Are you comparing it to a Hummer or BMW?

My x-drive sits just fine, but if you are used to some slammed suspension, then anything would look weird to you. If you believe that my suspension is 1 3/4 2 higher than an non-x-drive, show me the specs. I find this hard to believe.
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