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Originally Posted by cycler View Post
My friend sounds to me like there is a hostility in your voice. A sense of Jealousy. Let me ask you something and maybe this will make you understand why it is outr prices are so much lower for BMW's than what they cost in Europe. There are (and someone please correct me if I am wrong here) about 2 ships that come and deliver bmw to the US on a monthly basis. Total it is my understanding is 3000-5000 vehichles delivered to the US per month and it might be more but lets keep it at these #'s. On the high end that would mean 60,000 cars per year in the United States. which does not include the X5, X6, or Z4 (that was previously made in South Caroline). Did you ever think that maybe just maybe the reason the prices are so cheap was and is because the prices are based on volume. I mean if Germany buys 60K-70K bmws a year shouldnt prices be lower, or any other European country for that matter. The US imports probably 25% of BMW's products which would account for our lower pricing.

Our labor is not cheaper than anywhere in the world. Our gas prices are lower due to the fact that the US actually does pump its own oil yet chooses to import from OPEC probaly to suck everyone else dry and then resell our oil to everyone else at higher prices (just my theory). I dont hear you complaining about gas prices being exremely cheap in the middle east or in Venezuala. Remember one thing friend about the US economy and this is a medifore....."when the US sneezes the entire world catches a cold". This is now a global economy. We do not blame one another for any crisis because all investments are now coming from around the world and everyone knows the risks involved. Sorry just needed to vent
Very well said. This is not directed to anyone here but just in general, I feel that people need to remember the basics of supply/demand and how the entire world is affected by another nation's problems, actions, consequences.