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The truth about snow removal in Seattle

I'm sure we're all aware about the snow removal process in King County. I personally watched the mayor on King 5 News give an interview where he rated the overall perfomance of the removal process as a "B". He went on to say that "all 27 plows were on the job 24 hours a day", and that "we have plenty of sand and de-icing material to get the job done". Well...he was juuuust a bit mistaken.

One of my best friends works for the city, and was operating one of the so called "27" plows. The county actually only has 12 plows in operation. They have 27 "vehicles" that have plow attachments, but only 12 actually operate with the plows attached. They have 6 trucks that work north King, and 6 that work south. 2 of the south trucks were dedicated to the West Seattle Bridge at all times. Basically if they lose the bridge, they're in big trouble. So this means that only 4 plows were dedicated for the rest of South King.

Next, the mayor claimed they had plenty of sand and de-icing material on hand. Wrong again. They actually ran out of both sand, and the de-icing material (called bio 900 something) on Saturday monrning. They have a huge stockpile of rock salt left over from years past. This is what they were primarily using, but the city does not want us to know that. They had to buy tons of sand from private retailers/wholesellers at a premium price.

So I guess we'd better hope the rock salt gets washed away pretty quickly in the rain. It plays havoc on our cars. Not that I would ever drive my 335 in this mess anyways, but I am driving my Volvo and my wifes Mazda.

I just thought some of the local folk would like to learn about the reality of the situation. It's amazing that the mayor could give such an interview and still keep a straight face.
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