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Originally Posted by smallseafishie View Post
Wow... the back seat part took some the longest amount of time since we (me and a friend) had no idea what to do. The instructions did not mention how to do this outside of the generic remove rear seat message.

To make this worse, his car did not have flip down rear seats....

So... heres a word of advice to pass on to the next person doing this install to save time.

To take apart the rear seat, lay down in the trunk and look up at the rear deck. There should be a total of 4 12mm nuts that must be removed (2 on the left, 2 on the right). These screws are for the latch that holds the back seat down. Then... for the rear seat bottoms, pull up at the front and pull forward to remove. Then, in the center towards the bottom of the bench, there are 2 T45 hex screws that need to be removed. Then, pull the rear bench slightly upwards and forwards to remove.

To re-assemble the seats, just remove the two latches to the rear back seat bench and screw them back into place with the 4 12mm nuts. Then place the seat back into place and let them snap in. Then tighten the 2 T45 screws back on and rear seat bottom.

That should be it...

Oh - and another thing that wasn't so evident, for the part of removing the 2 fiber optic bundles apart, the latch that needs to be moved is actually on the left hand side of the thing (left hand side if you were looking at it directly).
Thank you for this addition, I dont have the folding seats either and it made it much easier to take the seat apart knowing what I was looking for or I may have been there all day!!

So basically there is no way to tell whether or not you connected it correctly until BMW does the update right?

After I moved the fiber connections and reconnected the old ones in the right place (according to the Version 2 pdf) I tested everything in the car. SOS, Bluetooth, Radio etc everything worked the way it did before I started so I guess its ok.

My question is, WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE FIBER JUMPERS, if nothing changes except for allowing the sat receiver to work later?

I mean if you have the sat prep package why arent the fiber loops already setup in the correct place if it doesn't seem to make a difference after you move them around?