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Non Multi Function to Multi Function Wheel Upgrade

My car have the non Multi Function Steering Wheel,and I want to upgrade to Multi Function Steering Wheel.

On realoem,they sell the Multi function Switch Retrofit Kit (basically it is the regular switch that came with the Multifunction wheel).

But in order to make this switch to work,it alse required me to change the Complete steering Column Switch (the whole part behind the steering wheel that also have the wiper and turn signal switch)And it is very expensive (about USD 400).I am sure the diferrent is only some extra wiring to feed the multi function switch.

Any body now how can I overcome this problem,Maybe just connect some wire behind the column switch and directly connect it to the multifunction switch.

If any body know how and which cable,I am really appreciate it.

This also prevent me from upgrading to M Sport Wheel,because the M Sport wheel come with multifunction also,and what a waste if those button are there but not working.