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Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
DMS have a range of baseline maps, on which they develop a custom map for each and every car. The reason being that each car has different characteristics, with some engines from the factory stronger than others (for whatever reason). You go to DMS, they download the standard ECU from your car as a backup, put the car on the rollers and get a first power output as standard. Then the basic map goes on, the car gets put up on the rollers again and you see what the difference is. Then it's a matter of tweaking where necessary to get the maximum reliable performance whilst giving better than factory drivability.

Effectively it's a mixture of off-the-shelf and bespoke...
Excellent write up and good figures for your car.

DMS don't really custom map each car. It sounds like your 335i might be one of the first they've done and that is why they spent so much time tweaking it and seeing what they are capable of producing. The more 335i's they do initially will help them produce a generic but safe map that can be uploaded onto any 335i. Customers who don't go to their premises (most of their business for remaps?) would not get this level of service but instead would get the best part of an hour or so from one of their Technicians who would download the existing software (copy) and then upload the new map, the car wold then be taken for a test drive and then handed back over to the customer.

It's good to hear that DMS have finally got a remapped 335i on the road and the initial figures look good.