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Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
I firmly believe that the way to achieving the best handling out of our cars is by the fitment of an LSD for extra traction, a fine tuning of the subtleties of the suspension and running gear, and uprating the antiroll bars to reduce the roll rate and neutralise the handling bias away from on-limit understeer.
Have to agree that the roads in the US are a bit different than some of the roads over here in the UK. I was up in the Lake District on some B roads. I think it was the B5289 and the B5292? Adventurous roads to say the least. Not saying we don't have roads like that over in the US but they are a bit wider. And oddly enough E9x after March 2008 should have an E-LSD like the 1 series was released with in the US.
Have not had the opportunity to try it out yet.

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