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Originally Posted by TMP View Post
Can you explain that one more....surley the M3 even pootling around is more exiciting than a standard 3 ?
Being honest, my problem with the M3 is that it feels exactly like a regular 3 series when pootling around. And there's not enough vocal passion in the engine to really get the senses pulsing, until you start revving the nuts of the engine when then it suddenly comes alive. If you're driving it hard, it's rewarding and exciting. But a car like that, for me, needs to be exciting more of the time, and should make you feel alive even at low speeds. A 911 does that very well in comparison...

So, that's why I don't want an M3. My car, for me, does more things well more of the time. And now that it's been fettled, I have a feeling that it will be as quick as an M3, maybe even quicker, around the Nurburgring.... which isn't too shabby really!