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Originally Posted by YvesD View Post
Thanks E92.

Presume One could go even stiffer still with the cabriolet springs for example ?

I have the opposite requirements to you in that I dont like the standard ride height look but dont want/need 'better' handling either ! Impossible conumdrum I think.

You can go stiffer, by using different BMW parts. However, the problem then becomes spring/damper matching and having sufficient damping to cope with such stiff springs.

Your requirements then would seem to be for the car to look great (by being lower) but retaining all the standard comfort and ride.... not impossible, but really really hard. I think it will be much more than just a suspension replacement - you'll have to work on secondary damping and bushings too.... I think some people have had fairly good results with the H&R sport springs. Also, the standard AC Schnitzer fixed-rate road kit (as opposed to the fully adjustable setup) is supposed to be very very good, combining a slightly lower ride, with good handling and a surprisingly comfortable ride