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Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
You can go stiffer, by using different BMW parts. However, the problem then becomes spring/damper matching and having sufficient damping to cope with such stiff springs.

... I think some people have had fairly good results with the H&R sport springs. Also, the standard AC Schnitzer fixed-rate road kit (as opposed to the fully adjustable setup) is supposed to be very very good, combining a slightly lower ride, with good handling and a surprisingly comfortable ride
I understand that firmer front springs will increase understeer. Why did you change the fronts and what effect does the different bump stops provide?

I keep reading reviews on the Alpina car set ups and how much better road testers prefer them to the M Sport package. I know Alpina do not use run flats and you sound very clued up on the subtle differences. Can you reveal more pls?

H&R and Eibach offer more progressive springs compared to the Msport and I've read two reviews of 335 owners that have paired up the H&R sport springs with Msport dampers and normal tyres and both said how the choppy ride over bumps at slow speeds disappeared. How do you think Eibach pro springs plus Koni FSD dampers would work together on our fabulous Queen's highway? In conjunction with H&R anti-roll bar kit of course

ACS suspensions kits - I've been told these are just rebadged Eibachs but twice as expensive??

Will you be looking to increase aero grip by adding the M3 lip spoiler or mechanical grip by increasing the width of the tyres in the future as you like driving the ring?