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Originally Posted by KL2DC
AJ, BK and I bought our cars at Passport in MD, so technically out of state. But its really not a big deal. I had mine done by my house, 20 minutes max. On the tints issue, it wouldn't hurt to roll the windows down. Also wouldn't hurt to have a couple of bills handy in your pocket during inspection I wonder how long you can get away with no front plates. I see a lot of C6 corvettes, Z4s, Ferraris and Aston Martins with no front plates...

I have been stopped by some of the state's finest (no tickets though) and have never had a problem with my tints... I dont think I am worried about it...

I was going to wait until after the inspection, but I think Im just going to remove the front plate and bracket... my JMU plates almost look like PA plates anyway...