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Originally Posted by DT_ View Post
If the car came with heated seats then it has the elements. if it did not originally come with heated seats then there are no elements. the reason the parts film doesnt show with or without heated seats is because all of the new replacement parts come with heaters built in, this way they dont have to manufacturer 2 different part #s. In the long run its easier/cheaper to just install the grids in all replacement parts. If 1 or both of your seat bottoms needed a replacement for other reasons and you may have at least one or 2 of the seat bottom elements. You will still need the elements for the seat backs.
Damn...that's a good answer. Just not the answer I was looking for. So....somehow, I have to get both my seat bottom/seat back cushions replaced on BOTH SIDES (under warranty - LOL) to make this retrofit easier, eh? That sux.

Would it not have been easier to produce one part for vehicle assembly and parts stock with the elements built-in in the first place?!