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I love the figures, I think it's just what the car needed to be honest. The SV8 model is like the 335i, it's a great performer but the "R" version was much needed.


- I love the aggressive look. Hood details and front bumper looks good (except the chrome around the intakes).
- Exhausts are too far apart.
- Wheels dont look big because of larger centre-piece. I prefer XK-R wheels.
- Perfect interior.

Mixed feelings. As a Jaguar it does what it should. It has subtle aggression with a more upperclass look. Is it what you want though? Some people love the crazy aggressive look of the E63 and M5. Hmmm...I would take the M5 or RS6 for performance, but maybe the XF-R for looks!

I'd need to see it in real-life to be honest.