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Originally Posted by cgnahc View Post
So far so good. Very low incidence of sqeaks, but still present...not as loud. Still dragging the brake and taking it easy. Maybe another week until I go for the ABS and test distance. Getting more grippy, without being too grippy like OEMs.
Not sure which pads you have, but you may want to review the bed-in procedure with the manufacturer. If they are the Centric Posi-Quiets is see on the irotors web site, noise would be unusual as they are very mild pads. The "ceramic" compound has a lower friction coefficient when compared to semi-metallic pads, so nothing out of the ordinary there.

Also, taking it easy won't lay down a pad transfer layer onto the rotor that is necessary to get all the performance you paid for. A lot of times, depending on many factors (pad material, installation procedure, shims, rotor design, etc.), they will quiet down as well. All standard stuff, but YMMV.