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Originally Posted by STi2Three35i View Post
So today I went into Manhattan with my girl, and ended up parking in a "commercial parking zone" , ate up a 115 dollar ticket.

I've had parking tickets before in philly and never got around to pay them haha. I live in PA, do you think its a bad idea to ignore it, or is it a must for me to pay the parking ticket.

Let me know, thanks guys
speaking from experience in NY, this is what happens.

-you dont pay, they tack on an additional ~$50 late fee.
-30 days pass
-(assuming you still don't pay) a warrant will be issued for your arrest, and your drivers license will be suspended in NY state. If you get into an accident or get stopped and have your license run for any reason in NY you will be arrested, and spend 24 hours in central booking before you appear before a judge and are charged with "VTL 511 - driving with a suspended license" - a misdemeanor in NY State. You will then spend more money with a lawyer pleading it down to a non-criminal offense, as well as the original ticket + penalties.

moral of the story -- just pay the ticket if you have any intention of EVER returning to NY in your LIFETIME.