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Originally Posted by a l l a n View Post
Good to know and I hope it's correct. I have a NY speeding ticket reduced to "traffic light obstruction" violation late last year (I have an NJ license). I'm waiting for the penalty decision (eg fine, points, etc) from the court.
look at your paperwork from the court for the actualy VTL section that you plead guilty to. Then you can go online and check on the NYS DMV page and see if it's a considered a moving violation (with points). As long as it's got no points, then it won't transfer to NJ.

If it does, have points, any out of state violation (except DUI) transfers to an NJ license as a 2pt out of state violation (regardless of if it was a 8 point reckless ticket in the issuing state, it's a 2pt "out of state violation" on your NJ driving record.)