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Originally Posted by outlawz View Post
Hi Guys,

New here and noticed the wealth of knowledge

Couple of questions that perhaps a seasoned BMW enthusiast may be able to help with. I'm interested in leasing a preowned 2007 / 2008 335i Convertible here in Sydney through my business and was wondering about the following:

1) Having never leased a vehicle before, the salesman at the Dealership gave me and option of a 4/40 and 5/30. What other lease options are available or of a more attractive arrangement?

2) As I am leasing, is there still room to move off the window price of the vehicle?

3) Is it more cost effective purchasing the car interstate and bringing it to Sydney?

As this is my first lease and on a vehicle that has been my goal for some time, any other tips / recommendations / info would be appreciated.

Thanks Guys!
1- You can choose any size balloon you wish, however the ones suggested by your dealer are benchmark ones and relatively prudent, as you don't want the car to be worth less than the balloon payment at the end of the lease.

2- Yes there is always room to move off the window price of the vehicle. HOWEVER do not get sucked in by a couple of dollars discount off the sticker, you need to work the dealer for the price and INTEREST RATE on the lease. They will move and a 25-75bps discount on the interest rate will be much more valuable to you over the life of the lease than a simple 2k discount off the price of the car. Take a financial calculator with you and do the maths to make sure what the rate is they're charging you. Best path to take is to demand a discount on both.

3- Probably not, there is some very nicely priced demo & pre-owned 335i's out there at the moment. The time, effort and expense on getting an interstate vehicle is probably not worth it. Unless your someone who spends a substantial amount of time across different states.

As for other tips, go to at least 3 other dealers and see what they'll do for you, nothing better than a little competition. Good Luck.

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