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Originally Posted by outlawz View Post
Hi Guys,

New here and noticed the wealth of knowledge

Couple of questions that perhaps a seasoned BMW enthusiast may be able to help with. I'm interested in leasing a preowned 2007 / 2008 335i Convertible here in Sydney through my business and was wondering about the following:

1) Having never leased a vehicle before, the salesman at the Dealership gave me and option of a 4/40 and 5/30. What other lease options are available or of a more attractive arrangement?

2) As I am leasing, is there still room to move off the window price of the vehicle?

3) Is it more cost effective purchasing the car interstate and bringing it to Sydney?

As this is my first lease and on a vehicle that has been my goal for some time, any other tips / recommendations / info would be appreciated.

Thanks Guys!
As //MPOWER said, leasing terms and residuals do have some flexibility. Do you really want to lease? Is this the advice from an accountant? Have you checked out Chattel Mortgages?

Like the man said, there is more than enough stock and choice in Sydney. It's a good idea to check the car over with your own eyes, have a drive of it. The near-new demos/executive fleet are not all as well loved as you might like.

I also think it is definitely worth shopping around for finance - I found CBA to be extremely competitive recently whereas BMW finance were hamstrung with rates 2% higher. Things are rapidly changing, but you may still find a better deal if you arrange your own funds.

Also don't forget to check whether payments are in advance arrears and whether there are 48 + one final or 47 + a balloon.
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