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Originally Posted by mrvuml View Post
I got you mixed up with someone else that said they lived paycheck to paycheck. I apologioze for that. However, in your original post, which you've since edited, you did say you were financially challenged. Nevertheless, my sentiment remains. If you are financially challenged a BMW is NOT the best choice and to expect someone else to fund your whims is wrong IMHO. OTOH, if you're financially stable then why would you need someone to provide BML? Look, you can't expect to raise a subject like this and not get some backlash due to the current state of the economy and what caused it.
Did you read the site. I take care of my finances properly and respectively.
This has nothing to do to the economy. It's the people who analyze and guesstimate the over price stocks.That's why we are in a hole. BML is the same as a CC but you have an options to pay it in full or staggered payments. Is there something wrong with that. Are you a financial/credit manager?Then you should know what i'm talking about.